Shahidha Bari

British writer, academic and critic.

My work spans across the fields of culture, poetry, politics and philosophy, but I started my studies with a BA in English at King’s College Cambridge in 1999. You can hear me regularly on Radio 4’s Front Row, Saturday Review, and Radio 3’s Free Thinking.   More about Shahidha


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"Dress is, at its heart, really about memory, meaning and intimacy." Bari is a prize winning academic and broadcaster, and a BBC Radio 3 New Generation Thinker. Ranging widely through literature, art, film and philosophy, her first non-academic book is a fascinating cultural exploration of the layers of meaning in herent in the ways we dress ourselves, from Madonna's denim jacket and the paintings of Titian to Cary Grant's tailoring. If you think that choosing what to wear is essentially a trivial activity, read this and you'll soon clothe your thoughs entirely differently.