The Woolly Episode

BBC Radio 3: Free Thinking

Sheep with Axel Linden, Alexandra Harris, John Lee and Esther Rutter

From Sean the Sheep & Damien Hirst to a knitted bikini. Shahidha Bari with a woolly episode talks to writer and knitter Esther Rutter, shepherd Axel Linden, medievalist John Lee and cultural historian Alexandra Harris.

Esther Rutter is the author of This Golden Fleece: A Journey Through Britain’s Knitted History.
Shepherd Axel Linden farms in Ostergotland county in the south east of Sweden and has written On Sheep – Diary of a Swedish Shepherd.
Professor Alexandra Harris considers sheep in art and literature including works by Andy Goldsworthy, Damien Hirst and Holman Hunt.
John Lee is the author of a book about cloth making in the late Middle Ages called The Medieval Clothier.

Producer: Paula McGinley