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Live music festivals; Roy Williams’ play The Fellowship; The Horniman Museum


As Glastonbury returns this week after a two year pandemic hiatus, a summer of festivals gets under way while some festivals are forced to cancel due to difficult conditions. We look at how the festival sector has struggled through the challenges of the last two years, and consider the importance of live music festivals to the UK economy and culture. Shahidha is joined live by Melvin Benn – Managing Director of Festival Republic and a director of Glastonbury Festival, Paul Reed CEO of the Association Of Independent Festivals and Lauren Down, Director of End Of The Road festival.

In Roy Williams’ new play The Fellowship, sisters Dawn and Marcia are children of the Windrush generation. They were activists together in the struggles for justice in the 1980s. The sisters have little in common now, but the fellowship of family connection is powerful. Roy Williams talks to Shahidha Bari about unflinchingly putting the stories of black British people on the stage.

A tour round the Horniman Museum and Gardens in South London, shortlisted for the Art Fund’s Museum of the Year, with Chief Executive Nick Merriman and Senior Curator Sarah Byrne.

Presenter: Shahidha Bari
Producer: Nicki Paxman

Image: Glastonbury Festival