Intelligence Squared: Dahn Vo at White Cube

30 October 12:00 am

Intelligence Squared: Dahn Vo at White Cube

October 30 2020

Design Museum director Tim Marlow, South London Gallery director Margot Heller, academic and critic Shahidha Bari and botanist Roy Vickery discuss the White Cube Bermondsey exhibition ‘Danh Vo: ‘Chicxulub’. In this event, produced in collaboration with Intelligence Squared, our panellists engage in a wide-ranging discussion about Vo’s complex, highly referential work. Find out more about Danh Vo: https://whitecube.com/artists/artist/… Read about the exhibition ‘Danh Vo: ‘Chicxulub’: https://www.whitecube.com/exhibitions… Explore ‘Danh Vo: ‘Chicxulub’ on our online walkthrough: https://www.whitecube.com/channel/cha…


White Cube: Dahn Vo