Free Thinking: Academics and Goddesses

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Pioneering Women Academics and Classics

Nikita Gill on goddesses, Sandeep Parmar on Hope Mirlees, Francesca Wade looks at the careers of classicist Jane Harrison and LSE’s Eileen Power and Victorian Leonard looks at attempts to write more women back into the story of classics. Shahidha Bari presents.

Francesa Wade has written a new book called Square Haunting which traces the experiences of five women who lived in Bloomsbury’s Mecklenburgh Square: Virginia Woolf, Dorothy L Sayers, HD, Eileen Power and Jane Harrison- tracing ideas about women living independently, how academic institutions them and the way Virginia Woolf’s ideas about A Room of One’s Own resonate in the lives of these 5 women.

Nikita Gill’s new poetry collection, Great Goddesses: Life lessons from myths and monsters, retells and re-imagines the untold stories of women characters in Greek mythology.

Victoria Leonard is a founding member of the Women’s Classical Committee

You can listen back to New Generation Thinker and poet Sandeep Parmar’s Sunday Feature on Hope Mirrlees’ Paris here:

and she also contributes to a Radio 3 series about the artistic figure Arthur Cravan here

Colm Toibin, Bettany Hughes and Paul Cartledge discuss Women’s Voices in the Classical World in a Free Thinking discussion from the Hay Festival

Classicist Natalie Haynes discusses Women Finding a Voice with podcaster Deborah Frances White in this discussion

New Generation Thinker Eleanor Lybeck discusses attitudes towards Victorian women in education in this Essay

Producer: Karl Bos