Tacitus, history and Bluey

BBC Radio 4: Free Thinking



Tacitus with Mary Beard, history and Bluey


Classicist Mary Beard picks Tacitus as a figure who still has relevance if we’re thinking about satire, power and celebrity. Shahidha Bari is joined by Mary, historian Helen Carr, who co-edited What is History Now? political sketch-writer from The Times newspaper Tom Peck and Konnie Huq, writer and former presenter of the children’s TV show Blue Peter. On April 21st 1964, the tv channel BBC 2 launched with an episode for children of Play School and programmes like Bluey and Peppa Pig, have been making headlines so what do we want from kids TV? Plus – poet Lord Byron died 200 years ago this week – scholar Dr Corin Throsby has been reading the fan mail he received.

Listen out for Mary Beard and the new series of Being Roman coming to BBC Radio 4 in May – and the first series is available on BBC Sounds. And if you’re a fan of Oliver Postgate – The Clangers, Bagpuss and Noggin you can find a Free Thinking episode exploring those programmes.

Producer: Lisa Jenkinson
Studio Manager: Tim Heffer