Gucci Vault: Alice Sofia Navarin of Rat Hat


What can emerge from a period of confinement? One answer is Rat Hat—a crochet brand handcrafting vibrant creations. Alicesofia Navarin began it during lockdown when she craved new creative stimuli, and soon a hobby turned into a slow fashion production that encompasses her whole family. In this episode, host Shahida Bari talks to Alicesofia to discuss her home-grown fashion startup, which has created a limited-edition capsule collection of hats exclusively for Vault.
Vault is the experimental online store expanding the narrative of the House. Through a careful curation of rare vintage Gucci finds alongside exclusive capsule collections from noteworthy brands, it becomes a meeting place where an impossible conversation becomes an inevitable one. To reveal a few facets of this ongoing dialogue on Vault, the Gucci Podcast sits down with the contemporary creators featured on the virtual shelves of the concept space.


Alice Sofia Navarin of Rat Hat talks to Gucci Vault