Gucci Vault: Bleue Burnham and Dale Vince x Sky Diamonds


Bleue Wickham-Burnham and Dale Vince discuss their commitment to the natural world

The Bleue Burnham x SkyDiamond capsule collection for Vault Altitude sparkles with a consciousness that the human mind can turn its largest threat into something intensely beautiful. Envisioned by jewelry craftsman Bleue Wickham-Burnham and SkyDiamond founder Dale Vince, each piece is inspired by cumulus clouds and encrusted with diamonds made from carbon captured straight out of the air. The two creators sit down with host Shahidha Bari to talk about their creative exploration of nature.

Vault is the experimental online store expanding the narrative of the House. Through a careful curation of rare vintage Gucci finds alongside exclusive capsule collections from noteworthy brands, it becomes a meeting place where an impossible conversation becomes an inevitable one. To reveal a few facets of this ongoing dialogue on Vault, the Gucci Podcast meets with the contemporary creators featured on its virtual shelves.

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