Inside Culture with Shahidha Bari

BBC Two: Inside Culture with Shahidha Bari


In the final episode of the series, Mary Beard hands over the reins to cultural historian Shahidha Bari. She explores the importance of self-expression: from the clothes we wear to the art and music we make. Shahidha visits artist Tracey Emin in her home town of Margate and asks if is there a cost to revealing so much in your art.

In Dundee, Shahidha visits the new V&A exhibition on nightclub design and finds out how closures have prevented some of us from expressing our inner selves.

R.E.M. frontman Michael Stipe talks to Shahidha from Athens, Georgia about his latest photography book and asks how expressing himself through visual art differs from music.

Shahidha debates all this and more with journalist Zing Tsjeng, writer Amrou Al-Kadhi and former Skunk Anansie lead singer Skin.