BBC Radio 3: Free Thinking



Mary Beard, Homi Bhabha and Seán Williams join Shahidha Bari to look at the etiquette of talks on zoom and the history of lectures. Lecturing someone can be a negative: you’re patronising or boring or telling them what to think. And yet, today we have TED talks, university staff are routinely recording lectures using video conferencing technology, and the history of thought is a history of persuasive speakers setting out their ideas before audiences.

Dr Seán Williams is a BBC/AHRC New Generation Thinker who lectures in German intellectual and cultural history at the University of Sheffield.

Mary Beard is a Dame and Professor of Classics at the University of Cambridge and has given various lectures at universities, the British Museum and the London Review of Books, the Society for Classical Studies, the Gifford Lecture Series. She also presents on TV and has authored many books.

Homi Bhabha is a Professor of the Humanities at Harvard University and is the author of many books. He considers Memory and Migration in this Free Thinking Lecture recorded in partnership with the Royal Society of Literature https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/m0005gt9

Readings: Ewan Bailey

Producer: Eliane Glaser