TLS: Like the bee’s knees

It might seem like wishful thinking to suppose that anyone stylish enough to saunter through the 1960s dressed in Mary Quant could have come out of all that mooching and swinging with a pristine pinafore dress or a mint condition miniskirt. And yet, it turns out that some of them did. Over a thousand people responded to the Victoria and Albert Museum’s social media campaign asking for vintage Quant, resulting in more than forty new acquisitions for the V&A’s collection. You will see some of them sprinkled throughout the Mary Quant show. Spotting them is part of the fun. And Mary Quant is nothing if not fun.

Some 120 pieces have been assembled for this predictably bright and incorrigibly sunny show. There’s a good chance that you’ll overhear, as I did, conversations between mothers fondly recalling the height of their platform shoes.

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