Tate Britain: Look Again series


Tate Publishing’s series Look Again, dedicated to expanding the conversation about British art, welcomes new titles from professor Shahidha Bari, artist Jay Bernard, writer Philip Hoare and writer and broadcaster Johny Pitts.

Now in its second year, the publisher hopes that each book in the series will shed “new light on some of the most well-known, best-loved and thought-provoking artworks in the national collection”. The four titles this year include: Fashion by Bari, Complicity by Bernard, The Sea by Hoare and Visibility by Pitts. Tate Publishing holds world rights to each title and they will be published this month.

Bari’s Fashion will examine the relationship between art and high fashion and also what everyday clothes can tell us about a piece of art. Bari asks if clothes can be the object of artistic inquiry and shows how “thinking about dress can take us into the heart of society, culture and politics”.

Inspired by a six-mile walk across London, Bernard’s Complicity looks at how a colonialist legacy is evident in “the very fabric of the social structures in which we exist”. The publisher continued: “What does it mean, then, to love this city that was once the heart of an Empire?” Combined with art from Britain’s national collection Bernard meditates on how art can help us deal with our history and future.

Hoare’s The Sea reframes works of art that take the sea as its subject, from William Blake to Maggi Hambling, into a social and political context. In doing so, he “shows how art has continually borne witness to the power and allure of the sea”.

Visibility by Pitts examines the hidden figures in paintings and how these stories have been obscured by history. Featuring sketches from Tate staff that respond to art in the national collection, Visibility “asks us to bear witness to figures who have long been overlooked by a system that profits from their labour while simultaneously dismissing it as ’unskilled’—and suggests that perhaps the way to reach a fuller understanding of our history is to start looking at it through new eyes”.

The inaugural titles of the series, published in 2021, includedClass by Nathalie OlahEmpire by Afua Hirsch, Feminism by Bernardine Evaristo and Gender by Travis Alabanza.